Features & Rates

Coaching Features and Rates

Email, Phone & In-Person Opportunities.

I also host retreats for groups and individuals. For more information on my latest retreat, click here! 

Email Coaching 

Here is the opportunity for us not to be confined be schedules, appointments, and interruptions.

How email coaching with me works:

I have packages available for 1 coaching email a week and 2 coaching emails a week. (See below)

If you purchase the email coaching with a retreat, that will be our first opportunity to meet and go in depth about what it is you are working on. Otherwise, we will start the email coaching program with an intensive phone call, in-person conversation – preferably outside, hiking, coffee or wine optional!

These packages are customizable

These aren’t wimpy puny emails, these are emails with 2-3 topics that entail feelings and detail.

We get to the meat of your goals, dreams, issues, and blocks very quickly because let’s face it, we can communicate very well via the written word. After All, the client that is most often attracted to this package is an introvert, introspective, and well-skilled at articulating their thoughts via written communication.

And you’ll have a coach with the same sensibilities and goals for returning a deeply thoughtful, objective and empowering response. These emails will challenge you to find a new perspective, to grown, and often have “homework” for your self-development.

Email Healthy & Whole Life Coaching – $225/month

  • 1 email (2-3 topics) each week

Email Dedicated Growth Life Coaching – $315/month

  • 2 emails  each week – Monday, Thursday  schedule

1-to-1 Coaching 

Healthy & Whole Lifestyle Coaching – $225/month

  • Two (45-60 min) coaching calls a month
  • recorded coaching sessions

Dedicated Growth Lifestyle Coaching – $315/month

  • Three (45-60 min) coaching calls a month
  • recorded coaching sessions

Powerful Growth Lifestyle Coaching In-Person - $400/month

  • Three in-person (45-60 min) coaching sessions each month

You will also find the tools and encouragement with me when you feel like you take steps backwards. No process is perfect and there will be challenging times – I am here to support, care, and be devoted to your overall success. Consider me your partner in this gigantic step towards living your very best life!

I am certified as a Life Coach through the ICF Accredited School: Coach Training Alliance. I am also an AFAA certified personal trainer and a YogaFit Trained Yoga Teacher.

Please email me at Caroline@CarolineMcKean.com or call 540.632.0077 to schedule a time to chat!

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