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It’s never enough is it?

You never quite feel like you said the right thing, made the right decision, or helped the most people. Your path to perfection is eating you alive. Will you ever feel like you are enough?

Who I work with

Successful professional woman balancing it all: work, love, fitness, and your other passions. Or so it seems, but secretly it’s not all it’s chalked up to be. You strive for perfection, you avoid confrontation, you feel selfish when you stick up for your needs.

You want to do something for yourself but you don’t know how. There are so many people you could potentially disappoint by shifting gears and changing your life to fit your highest values.  You want to make a change and live a more assertive, empowered, happy life. Yes, it looks like you have that on the outside and that makes you feel guilty for, internally, you need and want something more fulfilling. You want your inner critic to shut up already! You want to stop the comparison game and always feeling like you are competing for the best friend, best partner, best mom, best anything award that never ever comes.

You want a break. You don’t want to feel resentful or guilty anymore. You want to change and know and believe that you can.

What our work is about

  • Self-acceptance
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-care
  • Forgiveness
  • Resilience
  • Feminine Energy

The work we do together will be about accepting your flaws and forgiving yourself. It’s about gaining the courage to change your values and acting on them. It’s building resilience to saying no and disappointing others, learning to forgive yourself, and let go of the paralyzing fear that change is going to result in something other than life-affirming, powerful outcomes. It’s about slowing down and connecting with your natural rhythms and listening to your body. It’s about understanding and accepting that life is not perfect and seeing each challenge and each choice as your opportunity and responsibility to take on new growth and therefore new happiness.

When & How (Email, Phone, In-Person)

Anytime, if you choose email coaching! Our coaching can be done via phone, as well. The women I attract to my coaching programs are introspective, tend to be introverted and have a skill for articulating their biggest fears, dreams, and goals via the written word. Email coaching is the opportunity for us not to be confined be schedules, appointments, and interruptions. I customize my email coaching packages to you based on needs and goals.

Of course, phone coaching is a powerful option too and that’s on a consistent, biweekly or weekly day and time.

Caroline McKean Profile Image

I am here for you. Because this path of perfectionism lead me to be a codependent shell of a woman, afraid of confrontation and disappointing others. I only ended up hurting myself and hurting my key relationships. It’s my life’s work to change that in myself and guide other women to do the same beautiful work and make steady, consistent change towards self-acceptance, confidence, love, and resilience!


  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Resilience
  • Value Identification
  • Decision Making based on Your Value System
  • Self-Acceptance & Forgiveness
  • Self-Care & Relaxation
  • Seeing life as an opportunity to always grow and improve and that the pursuit of happiness, will not always be happy
  • Strategies for the life-long practice of maintaining self-esteem, resilience, self-care, and living a life based on your values. Resulting in internal fulfillment and love. This fulfillment and love will allow you to give to others in your life in ways that you never imagined. You will learn to live life on your own terms, accept challenges and turn them into opportunities, and grow beyond your fear and limitations.

I offer a free, introductory 30-minute coaching call to see if coaching is right for you!

Please email me at to schedule a time to chat!

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Together we’ll create enduring change!

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