About Me

About Me


Caroline & Dok Yaew | Elephant Volunteer Image

I volunteered with elephants in Thailand June 2017. This was “my” elephant Dok Yaew. We were swimming together

(I just have to say, I love my name.)

I was born and raised in the beautiful, rural  Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. My roots there are deeply personal, as I feel my surroundings & family greatly shaped my life. Relationships are the most important thing in my life: I connect with those I love often and in very meaningful ways. (Though let it be known, I am very much a happy introvert!)  I love wine, dark chocolate, cookies, yoga, skiing, a good book and my dogs.

Who am  I?

I am an Explorer.

  • : to look at (something) in a careful way to learn more about it : to study or analyze (something)
  • : to talk or think about (something) in a thoughtful and detailed way
  • : to learn about (something) by trying it

My Current Mantra:
Om Namah Shivaya – Energized Tranquility

My values:

Love Compassion Personal Growth Purpose
Integrity Freedom Gratitude Community
Moderation Nature Conscious Wealth Exploration
Movement Travel

My aspirations:

  • Be a role model
  • Spend as much time with my family as possible. The more vacations we take together and the more cards we play, the better.
  • Explore the country
    • one small town,
    • one trail,
    • one campsite,
    • and one bakery at a time!
  • Be well-read, listen to music, and create (I have a BFA in Graphic Design)
  • Share & teach the joy and healing power of yoga
  • Express gratitude in every moment: practicing presence & mindfulness
  • Smile more
  • Drink more Prosecco
  • Go to Mexico (again) to eat!
  • Visit Thailand, to eat (duh) and love on some elephants!
    • (I achieved this one, y’all and it was unfathomably transformational!) 
  • Set more fires…campfires oh and fire people up (I can be metaphorical too)
  • Ski more mountains (so I became a ski instructor!) 
  • Love, accept, have faith, be patient
  • Be free, be purposeful
  • Love animals, be kind to the environment, respect Mother Nature – it’s all we have
  • Assume the best in others intentions, release all form of expectation
  • Remember to laugh, see the humor in everything 
  • Own cabin on a lake, in the woods

I am Caroline. And this is my mission:

I am on a soul-serving journey of radical self-acceptance. I am here to be a teacher and facilitator of the only freedom that matters: that which comes from within.

I am all for exploring the light and dark sides of life. For sitting with and accepting the feelings and emotions of life. I am about offering the opportunity to liberate yourself from the self-limiting bullshit that we each internalize, create and believe on our journey to adulthood.

I believe in the conscious creation of wealth, meaning:  self-acceptance and self-care for our mental and physical health, the purposeful building of monetary and material wealth, and the creation of healthy, empowered relationships.

Blessings of light and love.


Certifications & Education:

200-Hour Yoga Teacher, Centered Yoga, Ko Samui, Thailand June 2017

Coach Training Alliance Certified Life Coach, January 2016

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Minor in Journalism, Marietta College, Marietta, Ohio, May 2008

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