2018 Core Desired Feelings and Intentions

2018 Core Desired Feelings and Intentions


These are intentions for what I want more of in my life in 2018 or things that I want to change, improve or simply remember to guide my 2018.

  • Dream
  • Meditate
  • Be in nature
  • Be generous
  • Rest, relax, read
  • Challenge myself
  • Be present, romantic
  • Service, Volunteership
  • Be calm, present, joyful
  • Romance and sensuality
  • Have faith, trust the process
  • Give thanks that my life, exactly as it is
  • Buy less, choose well, embrace simplicity
  • Cultivate creativity, imagination, playfulness
  • Explore more yogic traditions and meditation
  • Be stubborn with dreams, flexible with the methods
  • Limit assumptions, instead be open, communicate and take initiative
  • Continue to devote time to self-care rituals, femininity and embodiment
  • See times in terms of energy usage and what I am capable and willing to spend my energy on

Core Desired Feeling and Goals 2018

Core Desired Feelings 

Feeling Adventurous 

I want to feel courageous, challenged and a thrill in my everyday life. This is a mindset. I want to be on a quest for self-knowledge and growth using nature, travel and relationship as my tools to achieve insight, joy, excitement in my life.

Adventurous - seek, discover; explore; gain; try; quest for knowledge; growth/gain; quest; venturesome; rush; excitement, thrill, empowered, mentally and physically fit

Feeling Generous 

I want to feel generous with my time and abundance. I want to gladly teach, give love, share knowledge, donate, volunteer, serve and show compassion.

Generous – kind spirit; compassionate; abundant; wealth; liberal in giving

Feeling Natural

I want to feel natural in my beauty, in my profession and in my relationships. I aim to be untroubled, meditative, active, faithful and cultivate practices to support a connection to the environment and a peaceful, grounded state.

Natural – relaxed and unaffected; spontaneous, tranquil and quiet; soothing, untroubled, peaceful, calm, serene, faithful, trusting, playful, not-so-serious

Feeling Enchantment

I want to feel enchanting to others and enchanted by life. I want to be alluring and sensual in my love relationship. I want to cultivate self-care practices that encourage my health, fitness and femininity. I want to feel sexy, beautiful and confident in my own skin.

Enchanting – magical quality, love, romantic, ecstatic, joyous, committed; embrace, grounded, feminine, graceful, radiant, light, free; fit, emotionally well, spiritual illumination, sensual, allure, attraction, charming, delight

Feeling Energetic

I want to feel energy, motivation, thrill and have endurance to face daily challenges and the strong physical requirements of my new life and profession of always maintaining a very active, physical lifestyle. I want to rest and care for myself in a way to encourage physical and mental invigoration, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Energetic – invigorate, fill with life and energy; energize; give vitality and enthusiasm to,  energy, pep; courage, determination; know-how, mettle, stamina, playful, humor, not-so-serious, stamina, moxie, rush

Feeling Wonder/Curiosity

I want to feel wonder, curiosity. I want to ask questions and gather new knowledge and ideas. I want to explore and find, feel, grow.

2018 Goals/Changes

Follow my heart, let my intuition and instincts guide me down new paths

To risk and adventure. Be courageous and overcome my perceived physical, mental or emotional limitations. Seek opportunities to be vulnerable, courageous and compassionate, certainly at the cost of my ego. Accept that being a beginner is an opportunity to grow.

Pursue grad school and a masters in school counseling

Design and build a prosperous lifestyle focused on purpose, helping others, traveling, being very active in nature and embracing simplicity. Aim to be a role model and inspiration in the way I live my life for those I align with.  Accept that I face resistance and worry. Accept that at times I have a scarcity mindset regarding money and time. Show myself compassion in these moments and aim to prioritize my energy for what I want and can do. Be resourceful and creative. Have faith that I live in and create prosperity.

Explore more yogic practices. Build my love relationship in an present, empowered and embodied way.




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