Self-Acceptance: Accept the Gifts You Have

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Self-Acceptance: Accept the Gifts You Have

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  ― Maya Angelou

People never forget how you make them feel.

Ten days into my trip I stumble upon peace, acceptance of self. Below is a snippet from a 4-page journal entry that is a total gem in terms of self-acceptance and identifying and acknowledging gifts, values and living authentically as an empowered human being.

Are you ever shocked by an observation of a stranger about a gift you have that you’ve never really acknowledged or appreciated? Search out those moments and allow them to shift your perspective about yourself. What if you acknowledge, use and whole-heartedly accept the gifts you have to give? You’ve got ‘em. Please, first stop with the B.S. story that we’ve all used: ‘Ah, it’s nothing.” Because it’s everything.

Here’s my realization of my own from my journal. This is hard to share. It’s uncomfortable to tout what I think my gifts are. Especially because I know my gifts don’t grace everyone in the same way, I am not for everyone, nor are you. Yet, I am still on this journey of cultivating and accepting what it is I can grow and share with others.

 May 13, 2017

I think this is what peace feels like. I had the realization….that I am not who I thought I was. I lived in fear of my anxiety, thought I wasn’t calm, confident and thought I was a control freak. In shadow….at times I was all of that but not to the extent that I believed. I am a courageous, self-assured, calm, hugely kind-hearted human. I am discovering my gift and impact on others is through kindness. There is a quote that says something to the affect ‘it doesn’t matter what people think, but instead how you make them feel.’ I searched for the actual quote because that’s not right, but the point for me is that my gift is a quiet kindness and a gentle, calm encouragement.

I use the adjectives quiet, calm and gentle because I am not the loudest cheerleader with exuberant energy yelling and shouting encouragement. But instead the consistent, calm, gentle force that tells those around me that I’m here, I care. I’ll listen in integrity.

I have unearthed and developed and continue to seek clarity as a beautifully deep, courageous and self-assured woman. This solo-travel thing is fantastic. It’s 100% on my own terms and I am in integrity with my values! …I am connecting with and meeting the most incredible people. The depth and quickness of connection is surprising and indicates to me that I am letting walls come down. I am opening to people quicker than I ever have and it’s invigorating….It’s the beauty of owning my actions, communicating and having the understanding and responsibility to be in integrity with myself at all times with any and all people. 


One of the single greatest realizations I had from this trip is that there was no pretense with the people I met. I was 100% myself. I didn’t try to prove myself, didn’t feel the need to censor myself or overthink my responses: all things that normally suck all of my energy in a social situation and I head home exhausted.

What I love about travel is the connection with other people. It’s raw, it’s honest and sometimes it’s an emotional mess where you just end up laughing because such hapless humans found each other and let it all out. There were many nights where we sat laughing deliriously at our life experiences. And that’s a powerful bond: imperfection and laughter. Those are the people I always want to find in my life, those that laugh at their experiences. Oh and enjoy a good dessert at the same time.  

What do you think your gifts are? Do you listen when other people acknowledge what you do to make others feel good? If not, please listen. Soak it in. Accept that you can be totally imperfect and still have so many beautiful gifts to share.

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