Mai Tais to Thailand

Mai Tais to Thailand

Perspectives from My Explorations of South East Asia

This awesome play on words was presented to me last night by my friend Tiffany at girls’ night. 

We all laughed hard that it would be my book title. Tiffany, I promise to cut you in on my royalties.

Packed and Heading to the Airport Travel Image

Eat Pray Love Trip Commences

I wrote 195 pages of notes and personal observations, on my 9 week trip to Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. I’d like to share those observations on my blog in the coming months.

It’s a reflection process for me. And it’s really fun to go back through my journal.

Here’s my a snippet of my first journal entry on my trip.


May 3, 2017

I am in Signapore right now. It’s 6:05 am. I’ve been up since 3:55 am. I arrived at the airport around 11:50 pm yesterday. I lost my West Virginia hat halfway through the night. Bummer.

I found “transfer lounge” to sleep. After fitful naps under my yoga rug, sleeping on my backpack, I was awakened from my deepest sleep of the night. The Singapore Police, most of which were in full battle rattle complete with automatic rifles slung across their chests, were checking boarding passes and passports. You had to have a connecting flight to stay in the airport overnight. Nice wake up call.

I am now at the gate for my flight to Ko Samui, Thailand. I have been reading an article in Mindful Magazine about creativity. The article explained one of the basic foundations of creativity is being open to the experience. Observing. And being motivated by those experiences and observations. Thus defines the theme of my trip.

In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert famously writes about “finding your word”. I found my mantra. “I am open to the experience.”

This is empowering and encourages resourceful thinking. I am not even to my first destination and I’ve experienced several opportunities to be “open”:

• I forgot my debit card. This was a big panic moment for me.
• Left my book in an airport bathroom. The bookmark was my next boarding pass. Found it and the boarding pass.
• In a sleep deprived stupor, lost my favorite West Virginia hat in the airport. When I realized it was gone, I retraced my steps. It was not to be found.
• I meditated (prayed), did some yoga moves in the middle of Chicago O’Hare. I was calm and likely someone else’s entertainment.

This journal entry allows me to reflect on how panicked I was about not having easy access to cash on my travels.

Traveler’s tip: I made friends with other Americans and they withdrew cash for me and I immediately paid them via PayPal. Western Unions are prolific in South East Asia as well, so it wasn’t a bad scenario after all. The uncertainty and ability to trust made me grow. In fact, trust became such a huge aspect of my trip. I think to travel solo you have to simply trust. 

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