2017 Intentions: Honoring the Lessons of 2016

2017: Honoring the Lessons of 2016

Intentions and Feelings to Guide My Year

2016 wasn’t an easy year for a lot of us. It was a year of transition and growth for me.

My deepest challenge and disappointment of 2016 was saying goodbye to my 10-year relationship & partnership. We chose to end our relationship as graciously as it started but it certainly hurt no less to say goodbye to a man that was a formative part of my life. I hold love, gratitude and respect in my heart for him and for everything we shared together. As I step into 2017, I am going to honor the pain, fear, sadness and challenges of that goodbye by opening my heart to others who need support through a relationship challenge or breakup. It is my goal to coach and share a healthier approach to ending a significant relationship that leaves both parties with respect and gratitude towards each other, as much as possible. OR  provide support and resources to get that relationship back on track.

In my personal life, as I honor 2016, I move forward with all the lessons I learned and take them into 2017. I like to do intentions and also do what Danielle LaPorte coined as “Core Desired Feelings” in her book the Desire Map. Check it out if you’ve never heard of it. The goal here, is to identify what you want to feel during 2017, with less of a focus on specific, concrete resolutions or goals. Her thinking is that you can still travel  without specifically meeting your goal of visiting New York City. Or you can still feel love without getting that two-carat engagement ring, that you can still be healthy even if you don’t manage to run that marathon. This is a great approach for people who value being flexible with their goals because well, life never quite goes as planned…

First, Intentions

These are intentions for what I want more of in my life in 2017. They are what I want to change, improve, or simply remember to guide my year, both personally and professionally.

  • Volunteer
  • Be of service
  • Travel, explore
  • Practice gratitude
  • Make the first move
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Be feminine, romantic
  • Make time for creativity
  • More yoga, nature, skiing
  • Give the present of presence
  • Trust that life happens for you
  • Love what you see in the mirror
  • Meet new people, make new friends
  • Buy less, choose well, embrace simplicity
  • Embrace a mindset of learning, be a beginner
  • Change your relationship with time, no more scarcity
2017 Intentions and Feelings for Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach  Image

2017 Intentions

Core Desired Feelings 2017

This is how I want to feel in 2017. As you will see I write these feelings as if I am living them already. It’s my daily practice to reread these feelings so I stay on track with actions and objectives that provide these feelings day-in and day-out. (This is a little bit of ‘law of attraction’ work being applied here: spending time feeling and acting as if life has already began to feel and respond this way raises your energetic vibration bringing more of what you focus on.)


Sensuous: Core Desired Feeling Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Image

I appreciate life with all my senses. I am fit, healthy and comfortable in my own skin.

Divinely Feminine

Divinely Feminine: Core Desired Feeling Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Image

I am learning how to receive, set boundaries and be an engaging, confident woman. I am nurturing, caring and receptive. I no longer have the need for my words to be heard and attract those who care to listen, the first time.


Courageous: Core Desired Feeling Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Image

I am growing in my confidence and strength. I push my comfort zone, gain knowledge and embrace being a ‘beginner’. I believe conflict results in positive learning experiences. I am vulnerable, assertive and honest.


Love: Core Desired Feeling Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Image

I attract and enjoy incredible female friendships, gather with my family & friends often, prioritize the relationship with myself and have a beautiful romance in my life. I lead a life I love – engaging in the things that support my health, wellness, creativity and longevity as a happy, spiritual, prosperous, grounded woman. It also means extending and sharing love with others through volunteer-ship and my life’s purpose of teaching and coaching.


Serenity: Core Desired Feeling Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Image

I am accepting and forgiving of myself and others. I know my values. I find peace and confidence in making decisions based on my highest values. I understand that what is fun or meaningful to others might not be the same for me, and that’s ok; I find serenity in knowledge and acceptance of that fact.


Thrive: Core Desired Feeling Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Image

I am growing. I am prosperous. I am financially capable and wealthy. I am aligned with my life’s purpose and am thriving in my work. For all of this, I am immensely grateful.

Thank you, 2016

This takes some courage to write and share. You will see what I have written above are either fears I wish to transform, dreams I wish to achieve, or strengths I wish to continue to grow. Here’s to 2016, the year that allowed me to grow enough to develop these powerful intentions and feelings for 2017. Here’s to all the people in my life that have taught me lessons, cried, laughed, celebrated and dreamed with me. Here’s to a 2017 that brings new lessons, new challenges, new excitement and new people. Here’s to a 2017 that is familiar in some ways with loving faces of friends, family and colleagues, with the continuation of health and safety. Here’s to 2017, with gratitude for 365 days of opportunity!

I hope this is inspiration for you. Let me know what your goals, intentions, resolutions and goals are for the year. I want to hear what it is that brings you light and joy in the coming year. And remember, if you need support with a relationship or self-acceptance, I am here for you.

Blessings of light and love,


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