I’ve lost my voice again.

I’ve lost my voice again.

I've Lost My Voice Again. How I Will Get It Back.  Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Image

I’ll get my voice back by sharing my thoughts, respectfully and no longer censoring myself out of fear that I might offend someone.

I wrote a blog post yesterday, about straining too hard for people to “hear” me, when it’s not within my control if people actually listen. If you want to read about my new perspective, check it out here: http://carolinemckean.com/2016/11/09/perspective/

But there is another opportunity that my lost voice has provided me. In the last 3 months I have lost my voice 3 times. So being the yoga teacher that I am I googled about the energy centers, known as Chakras. Specifically the throat chakra – known for communication and self-expression.

In the wake of the election, I realized I have censored my opinions about Secretary of State Clinton and Donald Trump. I stunted my self-expression. I didn’t post on Facebook, I didn’t engage in political conversations. Anyone who knows me well, might actually be shocked at the revelation because some of my closest relationships have been forged around political debates with opposing viewpoints. Yet this time, I kept my thoughts, my opinions, and my disbelief to myself. I was afraid to offend anyone. Lose relationship with anyone. And I’ve effectively lost my voice literally, and figuratively.

My body is telling me to speak the hell up. To have some courage. To say what it is that I am thinking. To lay the 3,000 pound chip on my shoulder, down. To not care what anyone else thinks and not censor myself because of fear.

This  is an opinion piece. An opinion that I have stifled for far too long. So if you choose to stop reading now, it is my hope that you find a lesson in the statement above. That we can’t stifle ourselves out of fear, that we can speak out respectfully and build resilience in the face of other’s being disappointed or frustrated by our opinions, choices, and ideas.

Brining My Voice Back

It is disheartening to me after 8 years of what I consider to be heroically successful terms of President Obama, to see our nation compare Sec. Clinton and Donald Trump, as if it were an even choice.  President Obama and First Lady Michelle are incredible role models and the work that the President has done, given what he was handed by President George W. Bush, is indeed astounding. To think that people thought that Sec. Clinton wasn’t a clear choice over Mr. Trump baffles my mind because of her involvement in the President Obama’s legacy and her own storied history. Yes, I know she has flaws but it trumps Mr. Trumps racist, misogynistic lack of experience in anything remotely global, environmental, or political.  

Sec. Hillary Clinton was the clear choice for me. The chip I wear on my shoulder is about being an equal citizen in the United States to men, reproductive rights, and the environment.  I am fearful that women’s access to birth control, reproductive healthcare, and abortion rights will be made more dangerous, limited or gulp, taken away. I worry for my friends who are gay, who are black. I think of those who are transitioning from one gender to another, of Latino’s who are here without citizenship, of those people whose religious and spiritual beliefs are not of Christian-descent. What must they feel? Isn’t this supposed be the land of the free? Land of the equal? Land of the treated all the same? I appears to me that Mr. Trump and Governor Pence do not embody any of those things. 

I fear and pray for the environment. I don’t want our lands raped, drilled, and destroyed anymore. I am a native West Virginian and while coal has supported the southern end of the state for decades, it’s also destroyed the land, the families, and our environment. Fracking is the same.

I worry about the role model Mr. Trump is for our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and young minds. Talking about women in vulgar ways, is unacceptable. Thinking in self-interested ways and not understanding the global impact our decisions have, is irresponsible!

In sharing my stance, I hope my fears are just that, fear. This is what I have been holding in. Holding in my opinions that Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence are not the right direction for the United States of America, and let’s face it, the world. As the world superpower, Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence have the responsibility to not f’up the tenuous relationships that keep us in peace. You have a responsibility to think globally and encourage progressive change so immigrants can find homes, wars can resolve in peace, and humanity can be restored to the most vicious and sad situations around the world and in our country. You have a responsibility to our military and their families, and all of the the people who reside in this country – citizen or not, to respect and expand their freedoms, just as you enjoy your own.

To Mr. Trump, Governor Pence, and all of your cabinet members, when you take that oath in January, I hope you understand the gravity of your new roles. That you cannot be self-interested, single-minded in your chosen religion, and your outlook regarding the world. Remember this is the land of the free. The land of the equal. The land of opportunity. You each have the opportunity to make a difference in so many lives; make sure it affects the most people, in the most positive of ways.

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