A ‘Perfect’ Day

A ‘Perfect’ Day

Even as I write, I am hesitant to write it was a ‘perfect’ Sunday because if I were to live the same Sunday over and over – it wouldn’t be perfect anymore. And maybe that’s the beauty – a day, a moment, a statement can be perfect because they are fleeting.

View from the Peaks of Otter Lodge Caroline McKean Lifestyle Coach Image

Idyllic fall view of the Peaks of Otter Lake.

There’s no doubt about it, I’ve been thinking about my ideal life a lot. After all, the new trajectory I am on has encouraged this mission: “Find out what you love. What you want from life and be happy and whole as the wonderful woman you are.” I am lucky, I had an enlightened person share that mission with me about 8 weeks ago. In the time that has transpired it’s been on my mind but perhaps not a huge priority.


But the funny thing about awareness is, once you know something, you can’t unknow it. So in the back of our minds or souls, depending on your viewpoint is, there is something spinning, something working to guide us on our path. I’ll return to what that ‘something’ is, in a moment. That’s why we can be surprised by a turn of events, disappointed or crushed even, only to find it literally was the best thing that could have ever happened in any given situation.

If you care to think about what that ‘something’ is: it’s the force that propels us forward subconsciously, again depending what you believe or want to call it: you could say it’s fate, God, the universe, or your soul contract guiding you. I heard something recently in a podcast I adore (Love-Life Episode #194: Feeling What’s Right for You) that spiritually speaking there is no wrong decision because literally everything in your life has something to teach you and there is always, always a silver lining. Holy shit! Where was this information all my life?!

There are No Wrong Decisions. Wait, what?

Today, while thinking about my ideal life, two things occurred to me: 1. I was letting my ‘ideal life’  be so grandiose that I wasn’t enjoying the here and now because let’s face it, I can’t (nor do I want too) be traveling internationally all the time. I think that’s a symptom of our social media driven world – that our ideal life has to be something photo and brag-worthy. Note to self: no not true! And 2. I am paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong decision in an effort to live my ‘ideal life’ and suffering because of that decision, gasp, I made myself! No one to place the blame on. Well, when you know that there really is no such thing as a bad decision and that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your ‘perfect day’ or ‘ideal life’, you get going. 

Note on the no wrong decisions statement: of course, I am not telling you to go do drugs or have an affair, based on my values (and you have to decide yours)  those choices would have more lingering negative consequences than positive. The point is, that if it’s something that has been in the back of your mind for awhile and it excites you – take a step towards it.

What is a ‘perfect day?’

Let me illustrate my point by sharing my day today. Even as I write, I am hesitant to write it was a ‘perfect’ Sunday because if I were to live the same Sunday over and over it – wouldn’t be perfect anymore. And maybe that’s the beauty – a day, a moment, a statement can be perfect because they are fleeting.

My perfect Sunday:

  • 7:45 am Wake Up
    • to a crisp fall breeze, beautiful sunlight, and my chocolate lab
  • 9 am Yoga Class
    • with an awesome teacher who is helping support my yoga teaching goals
  • 10:30 Breakfasts
    • Made one of my favorites:
    • Egg, cheese, and lettuce English muffin sandwich

    • Coffee and OJ (added coconut seltzer water and it tasted like my favorite cocktail: a mimosa with a shot of coconut rum – minus all the calories and sinfulness Ha!)

  • 11 am Work
    • Inspired to work on my yoga and coaching business
  • 12:30 Joy Ride 
    • to Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway (which is a national park), complete with dance music blaring
  • 1:30 New Hike & Exploring
    • On the trail to hike Harkening Hill with Griz, found a new trail and happening upon a refurbished/historical farmhouse  – the Johnson Farm.
  • 3:00 Lunch
    • Picnic by the creek complete with soft serve ice cream. Yes, Griz got some ice cream!
  • 5:30 Trail Run
    • 2.5 mile trail run – the first one I’ve done in 2 years!
  • 6:30  A Little cleaning
    • vacuumed and cleaned my house because I recently learned though I hate to clean, I hate the feeling of not being able to keep up with the cleaning, so now I just do small amounts more often.
  • 8:00 Dinner
    • Made one of my favorite meals: homemade Thai peanut veggie stir fry with coconut rice

Lovely Fall view of the Peaks of Otter Lake, Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Caroline McKean Lifestyle Coach Image Griz on the Johnson Farm Loop Trail at Peaks of Otter Caroline McKean Lifestyle Coach Image Harkening Hill Summit Selfie Caroline McKean Lifestyle Coach

Was it really ‘perfect’?

As I write this I am struggling not to judge this ‘perfect’ day as mundane because I am so good at comparing my day to what someone else might have done today. Hello! Vacation pictures from your friend in Italy or the guy on the road trip in New England. But then I stop and I think about what my values are and what were my circumstances today the perfect day makes a lot of sense.

Values: nature, exercise, good food, balance, integrity, connection

Circumstances: I had one day to do something that I love within a short distance.

This is mindfulness. The other thing is when I started to give thanks for being healthy enough to walk, let alone hike, run, and do yoga in one day – my day truly becomes perfect. The people that I chatted with, being with my dog, my car running, my legs working, having the money to buy healthy food to make my favorite foods, and living in a safe, clean place: yes, today was perfect.

Not-so-Perfect Moments

And don’t let ‘the perfect day’ make you think I didn’t have any uncomfortable or challenging moments that day. I actually cried, twice, today. Once because of a beautiful memory with a person no longer in my daily life and the second time was because I called someone a second time to clarify a conversation: I was worried about a miscommunication and I opened the conversation with “I am sorry to bother you again.”

When I got off the phone I was so upset that I immediately put myself in the position of ‘a bother’. I cried because I am not a bother. I am not anything. I am me. However, this perfect day continued because I learned that I am no longer unaware of the words I say about myself nor am I  willing to say things that make me less than to someone else. Powerful.


And that’s what I aim to do in my business. I aim to be a guide, teacher, and a role model for living an ideal life: one of self-acceptance and self-understanding. I am not telling you it’s a life that you should replicate but instead take inspiration from and find what you value most and incorporate that in daily life.

I am launching a new Loving Kindness one-day retreat on self-acceptance, Dec 3. 2016 12:30-5:30pm. It’s about accepting what you do and do not like about yourself and finding/prioritizing what you value to build the foundation for your ideal life. Please check out my retreat page for more information. 

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