I am enough!


I am enough.

I am enough #mantra Image

I am enough.

Working towards dreams and goals can be incredibly powerful work. It can also bring up all your worst demons and fears. The work we do to reach a long-held dream, takes courage and perseverance in the face of negativity and resistance. And often, that negativity and resistance is created all by our beautifully flawed selves.

It’s no secret that I love mantras. It’s such an easy way to bring your mind back to the present moment and stop the spiral of comparison, confusion and fear. How many times have you become uninspired and demoralized when you think about how much better your [insert current business crush, friend, Instagram connection] does on a daily basis?

Has that ever helped? For me, it has not. It’s not productive and it’s downright depressing. It also sucks every ounce of intentional energy out of my soul.

Personal Insight

Just last night I was in a total funk. I put myself on the line, I learned more about my market and those who are in the business of helping others lose weight and empower themselves. I felt defeated and like I “could never compete”. Ugh. Woe. Is. Me.

Lucky, I’ve worked on my mindset long enough to use thought replacement techniques and state change processes, to help me with these emotional funks. So here’s what I did: I got out my push mower and started mowing my yard, because cutting grass is instant gratification. It’s also pretty strenuous exercise and I wear ear protection so the quiet droning is meditative.

With the physical effort, I was able to replace defeated thoughts with that of gratitude. I have a lot of good in my life. I make sound decisions on a regular basis and realize that I was confirming that concept of “I am enough.”

While, I didn’t precisely repeat “I am enough” in my mind, it was in my subconscious mind waiting to be acknowledged. When I woke up this morning I found this article from Yoganonymous specifying the use of “I am enough” as morning mantra.

I also find an awesome short in the August issue of O Magazine on intention. What you do, what you focus on, is what the universe repeats, shares, and sends back.

I am enough. I am enough. I am enough.

Again, with repetition of mantra, it quiets the mind enough to stop running on the hamster wheel of negativity and simply see that what we think, isn’t the whole truth. Heck it usually isn’t even 0.09% of the truth.

You are enough.

You are doing enough to reach your dreams and goals. Follow your intention and breathe. Focus on the positive journey of growing into your dreams.

It’s enough.

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