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“I Accept”


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Mantras for Life

I’ve subjected myself to a challenging 7 or so months building my business and healing my relationship. Sometimes life can be tough and my mindset wasn’t in tip-top shape. So I spent a lot of time with mantras and creating an active yet meditative practice of walking and repeating mantras. As a runner, in my former life, I used mantras to train for races. My favorite being “I have limitless mental and physical strength.”

Thus, I returned the mantra concept. But this, time it was to help me mentally fortify myself against my hamster wheel of negative thoughts. After testing out numerous mantras, I came upon “I accept” from the article, 6 Powerful Mantras That Could Change Your Life, on MindBodyGreen.com.

When to Use “I Accept”

Whenever I felt negative, painful, or self-pitying thoughts surfacing, I would stretch my palms open wide and say “I accept”. I still do morning walks and chant the mantra “I accept” in my mind. “I accept the beauty of this day.” “I accept my health.” “I accept future success.” “I accept that I am not comfortable right now.” “I accept that I am facing this challenge.”

The mantra allowed me to soothe and open my mind. It calmed me down and helped me be aware of other more creative ways to solve my relationship fears and business concerns. It’s still helping. I contribute some major breakthroughs in my personal development the past 3-4 months to this mantra.

What can this mantra help you accept and open your heart and mind too?

If you wish to try the mantra process, it’s as simple as finding a meaningful word or sentence and repeating it yourself while you walk, work, drive, or anytime you notice tension or worry in your body or mind.

“I accept you.”

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