Time. A Mantra.

Time. A Mantra.

Time. a Mantra. Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach Blog Post Image

Take the time to do what you enjoy. Practice a mantra and belief that allows you to do this.

The eternal pursuit of finding, getting, recovering or creating more time can be totally defeating.

Lately, the concept of time has overwhelmed me and caused anxiety. I found that I had a mantra playing through my mind, constantly, “ I don’t have enough time to do this!” Sound familiar?! It led me to search for a better approach, to improve my thoughts and relationship to time.

Today’s post isn’t a ‘how-to’ article. It’s a simple acknowledgement that sometimes we simply need to change our thoughts and how changing our thoughts can change our relationship to whatever is overwhelming us. Below you will find the empowering mantra from Dr. Sheri Kaye Hoff on how to Change Your Relationship with Time

“I choose how I use my time. I have wide open blocks of time on my calendar where I can decide to be spontaneous and creative. I have time to do what I love to do. I have time for the people I love. I schedule appointments at times that benefit both me and the other person.I say yes to what I truly want to do. I gracefully say no to what is not important or only marginally important. I stay present. I am calm. I do not rush. When other people are in control of when something happens I am calm and flexible without compromising what’s important to me. I am always on time, in perfect timing.”

Isn’t that the most empowering statement? I found great comfort in this statement. I hope it provides you comfort too and brings you back to the present moment whenever you are overwhelmed. 



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