How do I get the energy to exercise?

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Excuses to Workout | How do I get the energy to exercise? | Caroline McKean, Lifestyle Coach |

How do I get the energy to exercise?

In this Canadian study the top three barriers to exercise are noted as:

I have discussed time and motivation – you’ll find each links back to a blog post regarding each topic. So today we are discussing energy and how to generate more energy to workout. Which by the way, when you feel more energized during the day your workouts will be more effective and your sleep cycles will improve which is a major bonus to your health. I’ll get into why sleep is the world’s only wonder drug in another post.


Do find yourself struggling to get through your day?

It’s time to look at what you are eating and how you are fueling your body.

Are you using a lot of caffeine to stay awake during the day only to be wired at night?

Do you eat large quantities of carbs? Carbs = energy and unburned energy is stored as fat, can keep you up at odd times, and crash you at other inconvenient times.

My formula is simple:

  • Lots of water
  • limited caffeine and sugar
  • meals/snacks that are high in fiber and protein
    • coming from whole foods such as:
      • vegetables
      • fruits
      • beans,
      • whole grains
      • complete proteins

Additional considerations for energy:

  • How often you move during the day? Do you sit all day? Get up and stretch, walk around the office, step outside, and do some quick yoga.
  • Listen to Upbeat Music
    • Studies have proven the power music has to affect our moods. Listen to something upbeat when you feel like you are dragging
  • Change Your Mindset
    • Remind yourself that exercise increase endorphins and this helps increase energy production in your body. You’ll also sleep better when you exercise which perpetuates a positive cycle of increased energy and efficiency in your body.


Here is another great resource from the CDC regarding common barriers to exercise and solutions.


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