Supplements & Probiotics

Supplements & Probiotics

The prevention of pain and other personal maladies.

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As a personal trainer, I have a philosophy about food and supplements. It goes like this: eat what’s good and feels good for your body. The majority of your nutrients should come from healthy whole foods. Though sometimes our specific needs change and this is where supplements and probiotics come into play.

Let me be clear when I say supplements: I mean vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other natural diet supplementary substances. I do not encourage the use of protein shakes, diet shakes, or creatine for building muscle and losing weight. Especially for women. I will address that opinion in another blog, just wanted to define what supplements mean, in relationship to this conversation.

I am writing on this subject to share my personal stance and rewarding results with the following supplements.


Handling an upset digestive tract

I started taking regular probiotic supplements a year ago when I had a terrible bout with digestive tract issues and spent the majority of my day in the bathroom among other scarier situations. With the urging of my gastroenterologist, I started taking probiotics and reducing stress. This was to avoid a colonoscopy at age 29. Within two month everything was back to normal.

The extra benefits I have seen from the probiotics are increased immunity, better digestion, and a healthier gut overall.

If you would like more information on what probiotics to choose here is a quick review. I am not encouraging the use of probiotics without a consultation with your doctor. But want to share my results.

Mineral & Vitamin Supplements

Calcium & Vitamin D

Helping the blues and hopefully, a broken foot

I broke my foot in summer 2014. I’ve been taking a dose of these two supplements ever since. I also supplement my diet with a ton of green leafy vegetables and bone-building exercises like hiking and yoga. I am not a religous milk drinker due to allergy issues that milk makes worse, so I feel good about the Calcium and D supplements. The Vitamin D is present to help the calcium be absorbed and D also helps keep away the blues. And this is often one of the most deficient vitamins in the American diet. If you are feeling blue or have low immunity, talk to a medical practitioner and do your research on Vitamin D.


Improving Migraines

I have had visual migraines all my life. It’s apparently hereditary as my mother, brother, and sister have talked about “floaters” in their eyes, all my life. They have always been present for me as well. Please note that “floaters” can mean other more serious eye issues. My eye doctor has confirmed that my floaters are “visual migraines” – without pain present. Well, that is until 4 years ago. When the visual went to full-on nausea-inducing, world-spinning, head-hammering pain in my left temple. I have done a lot of work to manage migraines through my OB-GYN, massage therapist, stress reduction, buying a more ergonomic chair,  practicing yoga and the inclusion of Magnesium in my diet.

In combination, all of these therapies have reduced my migraine intensity, duration, and frequency. I was dealing with migraines that lasted for 7-days, showing up once-a-month. I now handle less intense migraines about every 2-3 months. And notice if I haven’t been habitual in my practices to maintain lower stress and keeping up with healthy eating and supplementation – the intensity comes back.

Help in the form of Natural Supplementation

If you struggle from any of the above maladies or something else I encourage to research natural supplements and ask an open-minded medical practitioner for support. I share my experiences to give hope, not a prescription and do not encourage use of supplements without consulting a licensed professional, of which I am not. I am simply another human looking to live a healthier, happier life and share my results with as many people as I can to provide hope and encouragement.

Please share your supplement success stories and the things you have overcome with a healthy diet, lowered stress in the comments section!

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