Overcoming Self-Doubt

How to overcome the single-greatest creativity killer: self-doubt. http://ow.ly/ihKwH

This article covers why self-doubt starts and how to change it.

Don’t allow your creativity to be stunted anymore! I like the first tip “Remember Self-Doubt is a Story”. This is so true. Doubting yourself is a story you tell yourself, that you will fail, that you aren’t any good at what you do. Anything in life is a story, so why not give yourself a break, tell a good story and motivate yourself to have a happy, self-doubt free ending?

The other resounding tip for me? #4, Marvel at Other’s Talents. How easy is it to be overwhelmed by talented people? Instead of being intimidated by and afraid of someone who has “more” talent than you, why not ask them how they do it? Where they started or simply marvel at their gift and appreciate your own? These are small steps in the right direction, actions I now try to take. I so often, am perpetually terrified of judgement of someone I perceive to have more creative talent than I do, that I can’t approach them. Who’s fault is that? My own! Chances are said person with said talent will be flattered by your questions and will to learn.

#4 Actually got me thinking I need to find a creative mentor. Do any of you have a creative mentor? How did you find them? And how has the relationship progressed?


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