Saying Goodbye to Maui, Hello Happiness

Yes, the title is a little dramatic. I am very thankful for the travels that led me into the Pacific and all I have learned on this journey. But it’s time for a change of scenery, permanently.
I gave my four weeks notice at my job, today. It wasn’t easy as I enjoy my coworkers immensely and never like the feeling that I am sticking people with extra work. But the resonating quote of the day was, “you have to do what makes you happy”, nor was this statement followed with a passive aggressive comment or blatant frustration, for that I am thankful.
The growth I’ve seen in myself professionally and personally makes the last few years of frustration and missing my family, invaluable to my future. I followed my dream of traveling the US and am blessed to have found good jobs and good friends in each location I stopped. But it’s time to go home.
I am focusing on Harrisonburg, VA. That means I am 2 hours from my parents, an hour from my brother, and 4 hours from my sister. I have never been this close (geographically) to all of my family members since I was 5 years old. It used to be unfathomable to make a “what the heck” trip back to see my family, now it won’t be that way, Oh Happy Day!
Another big bonus of the Harrisonburg area is I get the much-needed seasons that Hawaii can’t provide. I think I could go on and on about all the recreational activities I can get into, namely hiking and skiing. I am also excited about getting back into a basketball league and maybe even coaching some youth ball. I have even scoped out the local human society and plan to start volunteering there as soon as I can. (I am leaving my chocolate lab and boyfriend in Maui, so I will give my spare time to some animals that need the extra love.)
And of course I am back in the job hunt, but that’s ok, I am positive and have a lot faith that I will get a good job, soon.  I can’t wait! Anybody have a need for an insanely excited and motivated graphic designer? 

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