Eye Strain

As a graphic designer, my computer is my life blood, and my eyes are the direct recipient of painfully bright light, over focusing, and dryness. Finally, the headaches got painful enough that I started to research “over focusing” which led me to prevention and going to the eye doctor for glasses.

The Mayo Clinic has some good information on how to reduce the eye strain problem from using a computer. Regardless if you are designer, I know your eyes are pretty dang important to every day life.

The biggest changes and improvements I made were (are still):
1. Move my eyes from the computer screen every 20-30 minutes, get up or focus in the distance

2. Close my eyes for a few seconds

3. Use eye drops

4. Ordered a monitor glare filter for my computer screen

5. Went to the eye doctor

I am happy to say the headaches haven’t been around for more than 3 weeks and I am definitely more productive at work, now that my eyes are rested and comfortable. I am still getting used to the glasses though.

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