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Yoga Class Schedule

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Caroline Yoga Picture in Ko Samui Thailand

Yoga Self-Practice in Ko Samui, Thailand

Benefits of Yoga

Improved Mobility

Hear that y’all? It’s the most common excuse for why people don’t want to do a class, ‘I am not flexible enough.’ If you are inflexible yoga will help you so much, it’ll release tension and discomfort. Time to find a new excuse, folk. Oh and if you are really flexible, yoga will help strengthen those muscles and joints. It’s all about mobility of the joint which is controlled motion, not flexibility! 

Improved Strength

Yoga’s gonna make you strong. Stronger than you imagined, mentally and physically. You might even experience less road rage. Bonus!

Relaxed State That Lasts!

Yoga is one of the few up-regulating and down-regulating workouts due to matching your breath to movements. This means that you body not only gets amped up but ‘zened’ out, as opposed to running or weightlifting where you feel a little cracked out afterward. Yoga leaves you strong and zen

Improved Bone Structure

Yoga puts more pressure on the bones than gravity when encouraged bone cell growth. Don’t believe me, read some of the technical stuff here.

A consistent practice also improves posture, emotional resiliency, balance, functional movements, strengthens muscles and joints, and helps prevent injury in all ages.

It’s also low impact and a powerful cross-training tool for athletes and people who want to move when they are 90.

About Our Yoga Practice Together

I practice and teach a mostly vinyasa yoga which is matching breath to movement. It’s a very flowing and organic style. My classes are modified to all different levels. I encourage a focus on proper form for safety and comfort but want my students to know that what a pose looks for me will be totally different for you. We are not in a yoga class to compare ourselves to our teachers or other classmates, but instead set an intention and turn inward. It’s a time to focus on our strengths, improve our weaknesses and let go of expectations.

This is why yoga is such a successful tool for stress relief, physical and mental rehabilitation, and building personal strength. It’s a deeply personal practice and very empowering.

A Request

As a student in my classes, I will ask for patience and compassion with yourself, with me as a teacher and with other students. We will all seem strong, resilient, and in-tune with our bodies and at other times completely inflexible, wobbly and uncomfortable.  Your practice is a small representation of your life. If you can take this hour to release some tension, concern and frustration; that will flow into the rest of your life.

I have a sense of deep gratitude to have the health and body to teach yoga and look forward to sharing this incredibly powerful, fun, and relaxing workout with you. I look forward to teaching many yoga classes in the future so please stay tuned to new locations, times, opportunities for private yoga classes and retreats. 


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